Cora Johnson

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I am an accomplished and passionate hairstylist with over 11 years of experience in the industry. Known for my creativity and attention to detail, I have established myself as a go-to stylist for clients seeking personalized and trend-setting hairstyles.

From a young age, I exhibited a natural talent and love for hairstyling. I have pursued my passion by attending courses from Vancouver to Phoenix, AZ, where I honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of the art of hairdressing.

My expertise extends across various hair techniques, including precision cutting, coloring, and styling. I believe that education is the key to delivering exceptional results to my clients.

What sets me apart is my commitment to providing a personalized experience for each client. I take the time to understand their unique style preferences, lifestyle, and hair type, ensuring that the final result not only looks fantastic but also aligns with their individuality. I believe that a great hairstyle has the power to boost confidence and enhance one's overall well-being.

When I’m not transforming my clients' hair, I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active and playing music.

With my unwavering passion, and dedication to my craft, I continue to make waves in the hairstyling industry. I remain committed to exceeding my clients' expectations, helping them unlock their full hair potential and feel their absolute best.

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