adjective /kav-e-tid/ - strongly desired by many



adjective /kav-e-tid/ - strongly desired by many

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Paul and Michael’s passion is to create experiences for their guests that are memorable. We don’t ask “So what are we doing with your hair today?” Rather we look at your individual characteristics, best features, body proportions, skin tone, lifestyle, and personal sense of style and suggest options that will make you feel amazing and confident.

We believe that passion drives us to successful client relationships while we deliver our craft but that our passion for people exceeds even that. Our chosen team is guided to deliver the same level of service and passion. Our environment is inspirational, vibrant, entertaining, and pampering while still maintaining a sense of solace.


our shop

high-end drinks and food

Feel at home, every detail is perfect from deluxe drinks, a licensed menu and even snacks and treats if you may need a little pick me up.

relax and be inspired

our culture and environment  has been carefully designed for relaxation and inspiration simultaneously
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